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26 JUNE - 26 JULY 2013


This show has taken place.

Following the success of last year's 'As You Like It', Iris Theatre returns to St Pauls' Church, Covent Garden, with 'Julius Caesar'.

“...this is as chewy and juicy as anything you’ll sling on the barbecue this summer.”


“the gentility of the environs of the Actors’ Church is such a great venue for open-air theatre and especially Julius Caesar.”


The Republic stands on a knife edge. Chaos and ruin threaten on all sides. Through the fog of war a charismatic leader emerges; but Caesar's strength is a threat to democracy itself. Brother will turn on brother, freedom fighters will become terrorists, and blood will be spilled. When you play for an Empire, you win or you die.

Set in the intimate gardens of this historic 17th century English church, this open-air production will take you into the racing heart of Shakespeare's vivid political thriller.

Iris' unique participatory approach will bring a new and startling modern sensibility to this grandest of political tragedies.

Driven forward by a contemporary soundtrack the audience will play an active role in the story, dancing in the Lupercalian festival, standing judgement in the senate, and maybe even striking against Caesar with the conspirators.

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